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We are specialised in HR Tech, and what happens in the US, EU and Asia market. We have invested, co-founded and we use HR Tech tools along the employee journey on a daily basis. See how we work and what our dealflow looks like here.

Next to funding we are always on the lookout for tech tools to implement at over 150 scaling companies where our 30 HR experts work through We also organise regular HR Tech Meetups and support a community database at Interested in being showcased or looking to spar around your product and the market? Let us know!

HR Focused & Strategic

Judging HRTech startups in international panels. Initiated the founding of global HR Tech communities. We know when we compare apples to oranges…

Our portfolio companies are in the HR Tech field, but diverse in the employee journey. We do not invest in companies that are potential competitors, since we are looking for the best of bread in the field and for preventing IP issues. 


We know how to grow businesses from scratch to success, a crazy journey. Exiting, inspiring, hard and fulfilling.

We are (on demand) involved in companies we invest in with advice, opening up our network and thinking about the product from the customer standpoint and employee journey. We know the market and what is working. If possible we are a pilot place for our investments. 

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Straightforward & inspiration

We like nice people, who know that for success a cocktail of (emotional) intelligence, talent, honesty, dedication, luck and focus is needed. It’s never only you that makes a company successful. It is who you can inspire to join.

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HR eco system

We focus on combining behavioral science, technological developments and people that can deliver and consult in organizations. This means that the people working in the VIE People consultancy business add value to technology and science inspires and fuels knowledge in the work we do. All aspects should strengthen the quality of work for our clients.

When judging a potential investment we evaluate if it would contribute to the quality of work we can deliver to clients. Since if it would work for us, it will work for more organizations. So our experience and day to day strategic and operational HR work is helping to be able to judge the necessity and the sense of urgency of the technology.

In our work we are working with scale ups and startups (like in our work for Yes!Delft) continuously. This results in a very experienced view on judging startup team capabilities.

VIE Tech Capital is founded by

Business Angel     Wendy van Ierschot
and the European Angels Fund S.C.A. SICAR.

VIE Tech Capital is founded by

Business Angel
Wendy van Ierschot
and the European Angels Fund S.C.A. SICAR.

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Companies I’ve invested in:

Wendy van Ierschot founded VIE Tech Capital b.v. with a capital commitment from the European Angel Fund. She likes to spot early stage promising companies, to help them scale and outperform the industry norms.

After working in various HR roles at Shell, Wendy established her own HR company VIE People which she singlehandedly has grown into a successful business. She founded several companies, is an expert and public speaker on HR and HRtech matters, acts  as chairperson/judge on international start-up competitions on a regular basis and is an active board member and part of advisory boards. As of recent, Wendy is focusing on advising and investing in young entrepreneurs in  the HRtech domain in the Netherlands and abroad.

She knows HR like you’ll see if you click on:

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